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Encaustic Art is an activity of creative art making involving the use of low heat tools and molten wax colours. It is so simple that virtually everyone can achieve some artistic expression. This can range from simple abstract 'chaotic pettern' greetings card through to the finest forms of gallery artwork. Beginners often find this an easier medium to aproach than established paiinters simply because they have no pre-conception of what will happen.  Using the iron as an application tool rather than a brush offers totally different possibilities and potentials  - new skills will arise.

This small website offers some very bacis beginnings for using th iron to create abstracts and landscapes as well as making all the necessary products available through the shop. But for more information, many many more techniques and advancement please visit www.encaustic.com where youwill also find supplies available worldwide through the international online shopm there. And there is video to help you too - please visit the web channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/artsencaustic
The ARTSET contains everything except the iron and is a good way to begin


At the start of learning there is chaos and an open mind.
Skill is the development of control and predictability. Art can be the imaginative use of such skill or the keen perception that may emerge during the creative process, where the participant (artist) identifies, understands or "knows" that the artwork is complete - time to stop.

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