encolourEncaustic Art began as a brand product in 1991. Now, 25 years later we are evolving and rediscovering just what an amazing activity this molten wax art-form can be. Whether used as a hobby, for art, as a relaxation or an exploration, encaustic art has been all of these thing to numerous people during those many years.

Times change, styles change, perceptions change and the encaustic art logo is changed, or at least changing. The new updated logo reflects the origins but moves them forwards 25 years. The beginnings are not forgotten, and neither is the recognition that Encaustic Art was the original product line that touched people around the world with encausticart_logo_brand_600x141using heated tools to melt safe molten wax colours.

Over the next couple of years the new image will roll through the transition and become the contemporary image for our successful ideas and products – thanks for being on the journey with us.