Encaustic Art Electric Tools

Painting Iron



There are a number of electric tools in the Encaustic Art product range. These tools are manufactured to deliver a quality experience to those who use them in their molten wax creativity. Temperatures are designed to operate within the ideal range of heating. The temperature control systems in the various tools are specified so that the waxes are not over-heated during correct tool use. All tools are made to high quality standards and will serve the user well.

The iron is a key tool and is carefully designed to make creativity a pleasure.

The Stylus brings a graphical control to working with molten wax.

Hotplates allow under-heating of the card and enable a host of possibilities and techniques that inspire creativity. There area a number of hand tools in the Tools section that work well with hotplate methods.

Hot Air Guns make it possible to melt and move the wax colours without any contact other than the blown air. Very smooth and fluid results can be achieved. These tools are also used for the fusing of encaustic wax when it has been applied in layers, for instance by brush work. Fusing blends the layer surfaces together and creates a lasting welding of those layers.