Encaustic Art Stylus

The Encaustic Art Stylus is a low-heat graphical tool specifically for working with molten wax. There are a standard drawing tip and brush head which come with the Stylus. These allow spots, lines, shading and any graphical input and blending you desire to create. This tool puts you in total control of where the wax is placed. Drawing and a more conventional painting process are made available by the low-heat encaustic art stylus.

It comes in different formats for the various locations around n the world. Your national importer will have the correct version for you.
Note: The USA Stylus currently only has the drawing tip and brush head tip available. More tips types will be added in late 2018.


Weight :
Size :
Material :
Temperature :
270 grams
255 x 82 x 52mm
Plastic / metal
70 – 90°C


99530500 (EU)
99530501 (CH)
99530502 (UK)