Stylus Tips

The stylus tool has many tips available. These are interchangeable and enable numerous graphical powers to be explored. Drawing tips and brush heads are the basic graphical tools which allow lines, spots, detailing and shading to be done. The shaped tips enable patterns and small work inside larger images in places where the iron is too large.

Note: The USA Stylus currently only has the drawing tip and brush head tip available. More tips types will be added in late 2018.

Drawing Tip

The drawing tip is used for basic lines, spots and filling, much like a pen. Included with every Stylus.

Micro Iron Tip

The Micro iron tip is a small iron shape tip which is useful for working inside larger images as well as for creating patterns, flowers and so on.

Round Tip

The Round tip is great for moons, plantets and so on. When slid it can also create beautiful bamboo easily. Of course, there are more ways to work with this popular tip.

Wire Brush Head

The wire brush head works much like a regular brush and is made from copper wires in a brass stem. Included with Stylus.

Mini Iron Tip

The Mini iron tip is useful for miniature landscape, place and lift patterns and internal work on larger images. It takes longer to heat up.