Encaustic Art is distributed around the world and available in all the countries listed on the right through national importers and suppliers. All of these partners can get you any of the products in the encaustic art range. Most import partners work with shops and also those teaching courses for encaustic art. Contact your national importer to discover a more local source for your supply. * Select your country from the list here or please hover over the Worldwide Suppliers heading in the index above to display the clickable countries with importers – click any country name for the local details.  Mobiles and tablets will have a menu icon with a + (plus sign) beside Worldwide Suppliers that reveals the partner countries listing.

If you live in a country without an importer then there are online suppliers who can send the products to you (for example: encaustic.com). In such countries there is also the ongoing opportunity for you to consider becoming an importer. Our import partners are active in spreading information and understanding of encaustic art as well as giving or supporting other to give courses and teach the art form.


If you are interested in becoming a new import partner for a country not yet operating with one, then please Contact Us Here

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